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Skye Danziger is a qualified IIN Health Coach and is passionate about guiding people on their journey to health and wellness. Skye follows a holistic approach to nutrition- specialising but not limited to a plant-based lifestyle – focusing on each person’s bio-individuality and paying close attention to gut health.

What is bio-individuality and gut health??

Bio-individuality is the philosophy that one person’s food is another one’s poison. As a health coach, Skye follows a non-restrictive, holistic approach aimed at ditching the ‘diet mentality’ for good – focusing instead on what each individual’s body needs to thrive. Bio-individuality entails looking beyond dietary trends and fads to what he or she needs to be well and live their best, healthiest lives.

– In her practice, Skye pays close attention to gut health – that complex community of micro-organisms that live in your digestive tract and has a direct impact on your overall wellness. Your gut is your second brain, and good gut health can change your entire life, from relieving stress to combating thyroid problems.



Skye’s training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition empowers her to look at both primary and secondary food to better understand her clients’ overall health needs. Primary food is the stuff that makes life worth living: a stable home life, healthy relationships, regular exercise, a fulfilling career, self-esteem, etc. When your primary food is off-kilter, it affects what you eat and drink – your secondary food. Learn more about primary and secondary food here. 

Skye has been a vegetarian since the age of 12. In adulthood, she developed problems with her thyroid and was also diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Her GP thought that her thyroid condition could improve if she started to eat meat. Skye tried, but she always had a soft spot for animals and couldn’t do it for very long. After visiting a farm – and watching a documentary called What the Health? – Skye decided to go vegan and hasn’t looked back since. By cutting out animal products, her thyroid condition was alleviated and her PCOS went away. She credits her wellness to her ability to listen to what her body needs and responding to it with kindness and compassion. 

Why Skye Nutrition?

By focusing on an individual’s entire health history, taking into account both primary and secondary food, Skye creates a personalised plan of action to help each person regain balance in body and mind. Skye Nutrition offers innovative coaching methods and practical lifestyle management techniques based on research of over 100 dietary theories.  At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Skye studied under some of the world’s top health and wellness experts, among others:

  • Joshua Rosenthal – founder and director of the IIN 
  • Deepak Chopra – mind-body medicine expert 
  • David Katz – founding director of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Centre 
  • Walter Willett – Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School 
  • Andrew Weil – medical doctor specialising in integrative medicine, nutrition, natural health and wellbeing

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Skye has helped me understand food and nutrition in a different way. She has helped me lose weight and feel good about myself. Her knowledge and understanding about food and health has really helped me change the way I eat and given me a different perspective. I would recommend everyone to go to her.
Jenna Horne Sher
Skin Care Therapist
Skye is the most professional and helpful person I have come across. She has helped me tremendously, with my transition to a plant-based diet. She offered me unwavering support, provided me with recipes and fantastic nutritional advice. She is so passionate about healthy eating and living. It was an absolute pleasure to have her share all her knowledge with me.
Daniela Middleton

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