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What My
Clients Say...

“Skye has helped me understand food and nutrition in a different way. She has helped me lose weight and feel good about myself. Her knowledge and understanding about food and health has really helped me change the way I eat and given me a different perspective. I would recommend everyone to go to her.”
Jenna Horne Sher
Skin Care Therapist
“Skye is an extremely well-read, educated and dedicated nutritionist. She provided me with a customised weight-loss plan which also incorporated techniques for mindful eating. Her holistic approach is what enabled me to finally have a healthy relationship with food. She followed up regularly and made changes wherever she saw things were not working."
Sara Garrun
“Skye is a very gentle, compassionate and understanding health coach. Her consults made me realise that there is a definite link between how I feel and what I eat, and she’s given me the tools, knowledge and confidence to take better care of myself, both mentally and physically.”
Anna Stroud
“Skye is the most professional and helpful person I have come across. She has helped me tremendously, with my transition to a plant-based diet. She offered me unwavering support, provided me with recipes and fantastic nutritional advice. She is so passionate about healthy eating and living. It was an absolute pleasure to have her share all her knowledge with me. ”
Daniela Middleton
“Skye delivered exceptional service with a highly individualistic and holistic approach to a nutrition plan. The experience was fun, convenient and interactive!”
Karyn Cowan
Massage Therapist
"Skye's effective advice has considerably improved my digestion, my energy levels and my joint pains have almost disappeared due to my diet change and supplement recommendations. Skye's gentle and kind way has made these changes sustainable for the long term. Thank you Skye.”
Louise Sher
“I just want to highly recommend Skye's 6 week programme. During my 6 weeks Skye helped me on my health journey through veganism, her knowledge and support was endless, her recipes are practical and delish, thank you Skye for helping me reach my goals and for all your pro tips and care. ”
Bianca Wretschko
Art Gallery Owner





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