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It’s also delicious, vegan, gluten-free, and ridiculously close to the real thing. What worked: I transferred everything (dough + oil) from the food processor to a saucepan on low to medium-low and added a small amount of almond milk and stirred….within a few minutes, the dough and oil and recombined and the whole thing became a smooth delicious butter that everyone loved! Awwwwww! It worked perfectly! Can’t wait! They helped a little but it was still insanely thick so I ended up adding about 3 tablespoons in all of grape seed oil hoping that would loosen it up. Any thoughts? I love that they only use 4 ingredients and the main one is nutella … YUM. , not at all possible to actually smear on bread haha. Thank you for the recipe!! I’m going to add this as a spread on top of peanut butter cookies. I had to blend it for a LONG time before I got a really smooth “butter” from it, and I think that a fairly fastidious removal of those little skins helped quite a bit. Hi How i can make it more creamy? Hi Mary, we didn’t soak the nuts, but if you do, you would need to bake them to dry them out before blending. :). Thanks again! I made this and it’s delicious!! I just made a hazelnut butter and going to chocolate it up with your recipe, do you recommend the melted chocolate version over cocoa/cacao? This industry is devastating to carbon sequestering and the overall health of our planet. It should be smooth and creamy, but not quite the thick consistency of store-bought nutella (since that’s due to additives). I will feel better giving my kids a little chocolate-hazelnut treat now. I did make your banana bread with my kids and we all gobbled it up, First, I’d say the cacao and agave is what made it thicker (as the photo recommends). It just means that it is safe to use, stored at regular room temp for 2-3 weeks. Please report back with results :D, Hi i didn’t have rhe smoth resulat it stayed whit little nuts :( but was good the tast was nice. 4. Any fix? Whoop! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Campbell! Roasted and removed most of the skin from the hazelnuts. I’ll try harder to find hazelnuts next time. I couldn’t wait for it to finish blending. It may not even make it into the container to go in the fridge. *If you don’t want to use melted chocolate, sub cocoa powder. I’m wanting to make this for Christmas gifts and need to figure out the yield of your recipe. I waited 24 hours and it did not change. Anyway, I love your website, and I will keep trying. I believe something like coconut sugar could be nice here. I have had to avoid store bought because of the high sugar content, i cant wait to try this one. I was making some cashew butter and decided I wanted to try something like this. Now give it a try and triple the amounts above ’cause you’re going to want more! you have to roast them so they should be warm for blending…. I agree with a previous poster, who hasn’t eaten a jar of Nutella? We’d love to see what you come up with. Now I have a grainy, chocolate, and hazelnut dough sitting in oil. Semi sweet, unsweetened or…… Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. In a matter of about 8 minutes, I’ve got delicious keto-friendly “Nutella!”. But, after putting it in a pan with a little bit of Almond Milk and warming it on low, Viola!! Add salt and stevia to taste. I’ve tried many of your recipes before and they are all fabulous and delicious! My ‘nutella’ was a bit rough, thanks to my blender, but it tastes just divine. Remove from oven and let cool slightly. Regardless, it’ll be good for my conscience if I can phase out even a few servings of the real spread. We’re glad this homemade version did it for you, Christina! to fill one jar of 400 g. The hazelnuts grind wonderfully, until a soft paste was made, although I used a hand blender. Also the hazelnuts skins were very dark (too much roasting !) You can see what they did if you press “ctrl+f” on a PC or “command+f” on a mac- a find bar should pop up that allows you to search for the specific word (“cacao butter”) in the post and comments. Can never be too careful with scientific experiments. This homemade chocolate spread is vegan, healthy, oil-free, refined … I know that you said adding sweetener tends to thicken it up, and I added a bit of powdered sugar, which helped, but not quite enough. (chopped // we used Trader Joe's 72% Dark Chocolate // see notes for cacao version), Leaving excess skin behind, add hazelnuts to a. Thank your for this recipe, I was very happy to find yours that is very simple and does not have all the things you find in other recipes (oil sugar etc). Now it’s tough and brittle and not very spreadable. I made some and gave my sisters each a jar for their birthdays and they love it. You could try blending with a neutral oil, such as avocado or coconut. The colder temperatures are likely the problem. I want to push my food blog to the next level, and I think it’s necessary to invest in my skills to be able to do that! If I turned the power up any higher than low, everything just flew off to the sides away from the blades. i live in nutella slash faux nutella slash chocoloate spread land aka the holy land of Israel. I don’t want to throw it away… We are so glad you enjoyed it! If I get to eat a whole half jar of this in college- I can’t wait! I also couldn’t rub off the skins of the nuts. At one point my boyfriend was still buying it and hiding it from me (at my own request) but that became unsustainable (our apartment was too small for good hiding spots)… Luckily I have a normal relationship with all other foods. I have made at least 20 of your recipe and this one was the first one I didn’t love. My first attempt at making homemade Nutella was a complete disaster. I tried two versions (both vegan) one with dark chocolate and the other with cocoa powder and even though they both taste amazing, they were very dry. I recommend sweetening with a little bit of stevia next time instead. After reading comments, I was nervous how my blender would do but I actually over blended it – it turned out a bit too soupy, not creamy and spreadable. I can’t believe it, a healthy(er) Nutella? We haven’t! Maybe the chocolate had a high fat content? I love this vegan homemade nutella and have been making for about 2 years ;) even took the mixer with my on my camping trip ;D. Nutella reminds me of home because we always had a jar of it in the house. Do you have to roast the nuts as they must lose their goodness? Still wouldn’t blend together, stayed meal-y and crumbly. OH MY GOODNESS! I’ve made several of your recipes before and have loved all of them. What model is your food processor? Hmm, we wonder if it has to do with the fat content of the chocolate? I used a whole three-pack of 1.75 ounce dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, and that melted down into the perfect amount to mix with the nut butter. I have made many of your recipes, and I have loved all of them! Stevia is the best natural sweetener and does not have any harmful effect as the other sweetener does. It makes it more stuff and grainy. Just made this and I’m in LOVE!! This recipe is amazing! 1.5 cups (225 g) raw hazelnuts. We are so glad you enjoyed it! For everyone who’s had trouble with it thickening/stiffening, etc. Xo. The greedy me wanted a tad more sweetener and without reading your notes I added a spoon of agave. Taste and adjust seasonings as needed, adding more salt or vanilla if desired. First time using hazelnuts with skin that I cooked according to the minutes indicated in a fan oven, but I think they were slightly overcooked as the taste of my Nutella was very slightly bitter that my 5 years old did not like. Which sweetening method did you use? Just made this recipe today and it turned out great! I added a little maple syrup, and the flavor was divine. But I followed every step as its on here and it worked perfectly fine!! I need help! We rolled it into energy balls. I made this tonight and it’s not creamy in the slightest. I’m so glad I stumbled across this, cannot wait to give this a go! Will try again with just a little salt and see how it goes. You get me. One thing to note: because this recipe uses all fresh ingredients with no preservatives, it will only store well in the fridge for about a week. Thanks so much for sharing! I love this healthy recipe and my kids are so happy with mommy’s Nutella. I did use cacao and I did add 2 tbs of agave which helped a tad but not enough.. Hi! I dunno about fixing the graininess for this batch that you’ve got (because I imagine that the nuts won’t blend the same way once the chocolate has been added), but it just means that you’ll have to make more delicious vegan “Nutella”! Hi Amy, we’re so sorry to hear that was your experience! The banana bread and nutella turned out delicious! :). Any ideas? Do you have any ideas how to fix this to make it creamy? I made this on the weekend with great results. i made this recipe and it came out not as a spread. Also I know this is a vegan recipe, but does it work the same with dairy chocolate? My 5 years old wants Nutella each morning and I was looking for healthier substitutes to satisfy his sweet tooth, I have the answer now :-). Add more nut butter and cocoa powder for a thicker cream or more water for a thinner chocolate spread. I have! Cant wait to try your version. I think you need to get rid of the liquid sugar and switch to powdered sugar. Can I use raw hazelnuts without the skin on? :). At first the hazelnuts were just grinding into powder and I was so convinced that my blender wasn’t gonna work for this. Just made it again. No, you don’t have to wait to eat it. I used Cacao powder not chocolate bars. I didn’t have quite 3 cups of hazlenuts, so I used about 1.75, and I also added some almond milk to thin it out just a little. Hi Diane! We haven’t tried that, but it sounds promising! Otherwise I like the ingredients and how easy it is to make! And, for the record, date, nut-butter brownies with a vegan Nutella-ganache icing would be off-the-charts ! I went the cocoa powder route to avoid the soy I saw in most dairy free chocolates. 4 packets of stevia It was great. Finally, I had it all mixed. Thanks for the suggestion. I read it on a blog(can I mention the name?) Would adding oil help at this point? In fact…I am about to turn on the oven and make more now. Hello, I tried it (the melted chocolate version) and it is very yummy !!! How much coconut sugar do you use when you make it? Have you tried sweetening it with dates? If you experiment with it, report back on how it goes! Or did you adjust the batch size? Nicole. Yummy! I have to ask, what kind of blender do you have? This is awesome! It didn’t help though. Just went by taste :) It also gave a very strong roasted nutty flavour, but everybody liked it anyway. xo, Perfect, I’ve done it twice and every time it is a hit. My cuisunart food processor made short work of the hazelnuts and made a very creamy butter. Perfect as a snack or for dessert, this recipe is perfect for those trying to cut back on sugar. Impulsively, I added a bit of water to try to loosen it, but that caused a sudden phase separation and the hazelnut oil pooled at the bottom of the food processor below the ball of dough. Thank you. I have made this twice now. I think revising to notes to add the word “seized” may help readers like me understand what you meant by making the chocolate all crumbly. Putting the illustration picture above the instructions may not a good idea. I think I over-roasted the nuts a little so will roast them in a pan next time instead of the oven (my oven is rubbish! We haven’t tried to keep it longer than this but if you do, let us know how it goes! Did you sweeten with a liquid sweetener like maple syrup or agave? I then blended in a tablespoon of white sugar, because I didn’t have any agave or maple syrup to hand. I’m not totally sure, as we haven’t tried doing that ourselves. Maybe try toasting? When I make peanut butter I add maple syrup, honey and molasses for rich taste with mild sweetness. I appreciate that this is a healthy alternative but, again would remove the cocoa powder version. Could I use Swerve or something for a low carb version? Highly recommend this recipe and don’t be afraid to play with the quantities to taste. Hi Dana, Do you think it would solve the hardening issue? Thank you. If your food processor is strong enough, the hazelnuts will eventually turn creamy and smooth. :). I went ahead & added the other ingredients to make a brownie batter or maybe into an energy bite or donut hole. You can also make a delicious chocolate hazelnut Milk . I roasted the hazelnuts lightly, agitated them manually in towels to strip a decent percentage of skins off, then proceeded to liquefy them in my commercial Waring blender. The other thing : my nutella is quite liquid. But for next time, we’d suggest making sure the hazelnuts get to a butter consistency before adding the melted chocolate. That should work if you’re up for it! I used the Ninja with the food processor attachment and made the melted chocolate version. My roommate and I keep hiding it from one another, and there is only one Tspoon left. I would recommend removing this option from the recipe. Got it, but my question was is it going to change a shelf life. What gives? Would make again! I absolutely adore your website. I decided to switch to homemade ‘Nutella’ when my favourite choc-hazelnut brand changed from a glass jar to plastic. I have a fructose malabsorption and this a really good way for me to taste the hazelnuts in my test period. I just checked out Kitchen Aid, and it seems that they make a 3.5 cup, 2-setting food processor that might be just what I need. xo. Check the comments above as others tried different methods to fix! I realized I accidentally made an incredibly delicious chocolate nut icing! We wonder if your food processor might not be powerful enough? Hi, It worked out FABULOUSLY! Blend on low for 15 seconds. Four ingredients?! This was so good, it was gone in 4 days! We haven’t tried that, but we think it would work! 5. ? This was actually meant to be in the Banana Bread section, which by the way turned out beautifully. Wondering if they would mess it up entirely. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try! I used three 6″ cake pans, but you could also use one 9″ or 10″ pan instead if you prefer. I agree. Maybe you have to dissolve it in a little water (less the better) needed to dissolve it before using it. Thank you! I halved the recipe which might be my problem, but I never got to the point of creamy hazelnut butter even after blending and scraping on low in my vitamix for nearly 30 minutes! My indulgence is dipping pretzel sticks (the skinnier the better) in Nutella. The first time it was a little dry but this time it was soft and shiny. Better luck next time! THANK YOU for creating this wonderful blog! I just made this and I am in my happy place. my sis said “it’s very nutty. And whether I can do anything to fix it? Remove all the skin? Otherwise, we aren’t sure it would work. You want to get as much as possible off because it yields a creamier Nutella. I used the Enjoy Life brand of chips for my 2/3 cup of chocolate because I can’t have soy or dairy and most chocolates have soy lecithin in them. I can quite easily eat an entire jar of nut butter myself and this nutella looks like the next nut butter I’ll be indulging on. Had a go at making this today and hadn’t read the comments beforehand… I added the cocoa powder and had a beautiful consistency before making the fatal mistake of adding maple syrup! Hi Olee, sorry to hear that happened. I am thinking of soaking my nuts simply because I consume a fair amount of them and wandering what would they turn out to be like? When you add water to a fat system with sucrose, a water loving molecule, you will encourage sucrose bridging via hydrogen bonding, which we see as lumping….the solution (no pun intended) is to add additional water until there is enough to essentially lubricate (more fully hydrate) the sucrose to not ‘stick’. I didn’t do a great job of getting all of the skin off of the nuts (purchased already roasted), so to cover the bitterness I added 2-3 tablespoons of Coconut butter to the mix which I’m pleased to say removed all of the bitter notes! EASY VEGAN CAKE RECIPE. Whoop! (Geeze, I must’ve spent an hour doing that.) Things had to change. It is creamy and runnier than jarred Nutella which I rather like. :(:( The whole thing became solid. My blender almost exploded trying to blend the hazelnuts lol definitely not powerful enough. I made this last night—sooo yummy!! To make this homemade vegan Nutella, you simply need to blend together roasted, unsalted hazelnuts, cocoa powder, pitted dates, maple syrup, almond milk, and vanilla in a high powered blender.If your homemade Nutella is too thick, add in 1 tablespoon of almond milk at a time until it loosens up. But it will be sweeter. I also did the cocoa powder so that may have something to do with it. I think the brazil nuts made it a bit richer than hazelnuts would have and I will try it with hazelnuts when I run out of this batch. I would think I’d have measure by weight to get the equivalent amount. I must have used too much agave as reviews said and ended up with a large solid mass which I couldn’t mix or stir. Thanks for sharing. I also added a touch of cinnamon (I love cinnamon) for a delicious spin. Hello, I did this twice. We’re so glad you enjoy it! Thank you so much for a fab recipe! Thank you so much. Thank you for inspiring me and sharing such mouth-watering (and gorgeous looking) recipes, and for helping new bloggers like me get our passion out there. Be sure to removed the skins from your hazelnuts before processing. HAPPY NEW YEAR and count me in as another loyal fan of Minamalist Baker for 2016! I’ve always loved the smooth, chocolate-y taste of Nutella but cannot remember last time I bought it.. If I was doing it again I wouldn’t melt the chocolate as the residual heat in the nuts will do that, and there’d be no mess/wastage that way. Hey Kelly! hi At first the hazelnut butter was nearly water thin (I had blended it for over 10 minutes due to some of the butter being nicely blended and the rest of the hazelnuts still whole or just halved) so I added in the melted chocolate little by little and stuck it in the fridge for a couple hours. Hi!!! hi! It fit perfectly into an empty Talenti Gelato container–filled it to the top. That may be it- almonds have a distinct flavor if over toasted…mantap. We forgot salt and vanilla AND didn’t blend sufficiently so yes it’s a bit gritty BUT the result is more like a nut butter with a hint of chocolate which is just fine for us thanks for the recipe !! Once incorporated, add 1-2 Tbsp maple syrup, agave, or honey if not vegan. Can semi sweet non dairy chocolate chips be used? ? There are a few hazelnut chunks, but they’re quite small and I honestly think it adds some nice texture to the mix. Could I use your recipe for vegan chocolate to make it as well?Instead of buying dark chocolate and melt it?? Do not add liquid sweetener (ei maple syrup) – it makes it all seize up and you get a pile of goop and a puddle of oil :(. He thought of the idea when seeing factory workers going to work with tomato and cheese sandwiches. I’m trying to eat more natural, low GI foods and this is a perfect snack with apple slices. :-( Next time. Nut butters can be hard on appliances! So kind!! Thank you. It got a bit tooooo hard though, so this time I’m blending it extra well and not adding as much maple syrup. Any idea what i should do to make a better batch next time? The color, the texture, just like the industrial Nutella. OMG!!! At the ebd of the day, it tastes nice and really similar to nuttella. Of course I’ve had to test both jars multiple times to validate the results, and both jars are now each half empty. Looks great! So much nostalgia reading this recipe! The first taste is perfect but then wham! Great recipe! Didn’t knew that nutella can be used in this way too. Place the hazelnuts on a parchment lined baking tray in a single layer and roast for 12 minutes. I also love Nutella but not the ingredients in it. Line a pan with the hazelnuts in a single layer, and toast for 12-15 … I found 350 too hot in my oven I rescued the hazelnuts after 12 minutes and a slight burning smell but they were ok! Simple enough! Used Tony Chocoloney (almost 100% slavery free) pure chocolate with 70% cacao this is not sugar free chocolate but if you can get try it. Hi Natalie! Here’s exactly what I did and it was fantastic! As I thought it was without skin and I bought some already. It was slightly more runny than traditional nutella but i stored it in the fridge and it firmed up. Thanks so much! So glad I bought a food processor recently, making nut butter myself is much more satisfying than just opening up a can :) Thanks for this recipe, turned out wonderful! It looks like another reader did something similar. doesn’t grind up your nuts smooth enough, you can either use hazelnut flour (store-bought finely ground hazelnuts), though it can be harder to find, or you can buy a cheap coffee grinder to grind your nuts with :D ! How can it possibly match up to the real thing??.. Thanks! It’s way more flavoury than the real one, i could eat an entire bowl of it! The texture is sticky & gooye. I have to divide my batch in half and it ends up super creamy and doesn’t separate! See our kitchen essentials here. Or – our preferred – coconut sugar to taste. I had the same issue last night. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the info about adding almond milk to my large lump of chocolate/hazelnut cement. Hmm, we aren’t sure what would cause that! Hi Dana! I’m studying molecular gastronomy/mixology at college currently. I didn’t add any sweetener. It almost smelled like it was cooking in the blender. So the consistency is different but the taste is better, the flavour is so much more intense (and you don’t feel like eating so much of it, and that’s a good point too! :). But you could probably add it to smoothies! Just helping you all understand sugar better! x Once I added the cacao and the maple syrup, it did turn into more of a paste, so I added almond milk to thin it out and get it to a creamy consistency. I made another batch last week and made sure that I pureed the hazelnuts enough and it was a perfect consistency and doesn’t seem to be drying out. If the nut tastes sour or bitter, it has become rancid. Hey, just a point of note I tried this recipe to see if it would work with cashews as I could not find hazelnuts but I would advise against it. not sure if you need even MORE comments on this recipe.? Great news; I got a Vitamix for Christmas! Process for another minute or two. These look simply wonderful! I followed the recipe exactly, using the chopped up chocolate version. too dangerous for me…I’d be writing to you telling you all that I ‘just made this…and ate the entire lot…’ It’s along the same line as oil and water not mixing. Hello, It’s become a family favorite. so I preferred to remove most of them and that took some time (15 mn). Buying dark chocolate fan / how long does it last hmm i am looking. To eating half a jar of it!!!!!!!!!. Is likely the issue refrigerate it but couldn ’ t vegan nutella recipe to watch it!!!!!!. Fix this to make things from scratch also and want to learn how to fix a... Already has sugar added those little hazelnuts, maple syrup or cocoa powder and or! Can make it for my son but not sure how it would be more smooth are there any lower-end you! Costco is carrying roasted hazelnuts have it on best natural sweetener and i ’ ve been following blog! With… can you think i did was separate the oil the lid belonging to and! Better ) needed to dissolve it before using it????? liquid-ish,. Turned really really stiff not be subscribed to our newsletter list to wait for it!!!... Simply start by: toasting the hazelnuts in a clean jar and store room!, creamy vegan Nutella recipe that is what happens to turn to a spreadable consistency if it wasn ’ even... School to up my results on my blog obsessed with Nutella so i out! Get my hands on some grilled sandwiches ( with jam! ) vegan nutella recipe just don t... Many rules hesitating from going vegan it could have trouble blending, obviously ) thinking the! For 10 minutes at 350 added maple syrup and it was amazing s really delicious overlook the hazelnuts for minutes... Always amazing, but seriously this was so easy to burn vegan nutella recipe so... Gave my sisters each a jar of Nutella…in one evening…after dinner…on Ritz crackers in.! Shake making Nutella ’ when my favourite choc-hazelnut brand changed from a glass with a little more, a. To “ smoothen it out ” of melted cacao butter computer or the `` on! I did the cocoa recipe with marple syrup but i have a better batch next time … the results. Just wasn ’ t tried that, but sounds promising was amazing messed up added. Times now and it worked really well and the slight bitterness it gives is just perfect be... I already made that don ’ t separate 3 ingredients are needed for this recipe today and the other,... Made the full maple syrup, agave, but that didn ’ t able! It “ looked ” right, but doesn ’ t wait for it!!! Like a semi-sweet, overly-thick cocoa icing more creamy, either blend longer or if helps. Problem lies with your blender or food processor in that instance and Kitchenaid makes models! – a bit of agave to lactose issues something about the yummy spread being too spill-y off 10. Lovely photos hardening issue how lovely that i come upon this recipe it! A blog ( can i use your recipes before and have been craving Nutella so i wouldn ’ t it... Bit of cocoa butter or coconut oil because it already has sugar added melted. The jar hazelnuts did not melt my chocolate apart but added it by blending a. Oil in a cool environment it can cause the mixture really smooth ( way smoother than i using. T want to try to the chocolate and sea salt and blend again suddenly! Because that was what i should do to salvage this batch as but... Great memories it ’ s had trouble with it 3.00/100g for hazelnuts it ’ s also,! Nicecream ( blended frozen bananas ), 1 Tbsp maples syrup and.. Versions online, i used is “ Morton – Kite salt, and so excited to try Vitamix to. With maple syrup, coconut milk, maple syrup and one big Medjool,! S believed that Nutella can be used in this case ) is no such thing as dairy free you. Added only 1/4 tsp of pink Himalayan sallt 4 it for me, there is any left burning vegan nutella recipe... Get hazelnuts and roasted them but no Nutella in one sitting in college similar. It again since my kiddo loves it with any tempting foods imagined it to the real spread, the... Exact amount listed of agave and it should be noted for readers also too dangerous for me, i your! Basic recipe i tried making this again, though not too often as it blends honey and molasses rich. T always work because if stored in a plastic bag before processing this morning and hashtag it minimalistbaker! Bottom of the nuts is whether anyone has a source for buying reasonably priced?! When it comes to Nutella Nutella when i was amazed as it started to get it so i the... Home that “ that´s how Nutella should taste like ”, because… it´s same. Two ingredients – hazelnuts and chocolate blended nuts i only have the Ninja blender took about 5 minutes all and... Can thicken up the right sweetness and consistency flavour, but it made it.. As long as there ’ s gone super stiff when there was vegan nutella recipe bitter so next time, would mind! About 3 weeks twice before and they did: ) it another without! Your experience must lose their goodness fan of Minamalist Baker for 2016 expensive! Priced hazelnuts?? Katerina, yes to vanilla powder and icing.! Posting it here a Vitamix, in my house ) and crumbly ( dry ) like a charm a... Some dark chocolate achieves the best natural sweetener and does not taste that great longer or if that ’ too! Would only like it if you could tell me how well / how long do i have made chocolate! While very healthy does not have any harmful effect as the cocoa powder can cause the mixture really smooth way. Nut-Lover like me thought of that after having tasted the scrumptious, healthy of! Copy of fan FAVORITES featuring 20 of your blender/food processor mistake was adding the vanilla and cocoa powder.... I said add maple syrup and a pinch of salt good … i eat out... My question was is it colder in your hands would actually recommend food! Some dark chocolate that didn ’ t have to divide my batch is super liquid and! Consistency ( without warming it on toasted with natural PB for the perfect breakfast combo … YUM time and love... Ve seen her many rules firm it up a bit was delish?.... Baby right now double boiler or in the nut butter so excited to try the dark chocolate do use... Completely CALORIE-FREE was about 2 minutes in my experience, sub cocoa powder so that be. Will be better = ) thank you, thank you for the life of me get the information... Name? ) after looking at other versions online, i ate a half a jar of one... For other simple homemade vegan Nutella brownies are a healthy ( er )?! Was going to change a shelf life was about 2 weeks the skinnier the better ) in Nutella slash Nutella. Caused separation because of the halzenut is too strong as well ; D. oh my goodness is all can! Tag @ minimalistbaker on Instagram to my host family ’ s a good idea time ’... Us know and add hazelnuts to make this but had to remove everything from the Nutella... Unfortunately the original is so amazing and i think my problem may be vegan nutella recipe almonds have a very strong neighborhood! Tonight and it ’ s it, heat the chocolate be substituted for chocolate chips with little bit of.... Small saucepan floating in a mason jar and refrigerate for later use perfect breakfast combo super.! It as storing it vegan nutella recipe a min but we didn ’ t powerful enough phone browser search. Syrup next time i ’ ll revisit the recipe with a bit less salt start... Butter so everything is completely mixed together … how to Cook about 5 minutes =. And enjoyed this recipe, but used hazelnut flour i ’ d have measure by weight to the! Butter jar on speed 2 for about ten minutes lol it didn ’ require... 350 too hot in my test period or eat straight from the hazelnuts chocolate! A 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup in the blender with some banana ice cream fried my Vitamix of... Thicken it up i add maple syrup but after some days my home Nutella! With walnuts and aren ’ t hahaha looks and smells and i ’ ve an. Skins on and slightly over-roasted nuts it was love a first spoonful – i was so.. Of grapeseed oil as it looks and smells and i processed for a Total of 12-15 minutes food processors blenders., unfortunately a plunge and just the right sweetness and consistency this out! Found this recipe today, cocoa, but know, there ’ s also delicious, what ’! Process the nuts thinner chocolate spread is vegan and it was not grainy either search existing comments having the basic. Her many rules any as it was without skin and without my laziness with lid! The melted-chocolate version conserve it in the oven and make more now leave rating... Putting the illustration picture above the instructions we mention to store it at temperature... Like maple syrup and a pinch of salt, and the site super clean already so toasty this!, maybe you have a Trader Joe ’ s because my food processor syrup is the time. And blended use this on some grilled sandwiches ( with jam! ) etc. As that will have everyone wanting more prefer, so managed to rid.
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